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A Tribute to Phyllis

In the heart of Cincinnati Kitchens beats the legacy of Phyllis, whose fun-loving and light-hearted nature brought joy and warmth to our company and family. A cherished wife to Ken and a devoted mother, Phyllis's laughter and bright spirit were the true foundations upon which this business was built. Alongside Ken, she infused every aspect of the company with care, ensuring that the kitchens we create are not just spaces but the settings for family memories to be cherished for generations.

The Family Table: A Legacy of Togetherness at Cincinnati Kitchens

In the busy center of Cincinnati Kitchens, we have a special tradition that’s as strong as the kitchens we make: sitting down to have lunch together as a family. Even when everything else is moving fast, we make sure to keep this simple but important habit of eating together. This time isn’t just for eating; it shows how much we value being like a family at work. And this is how Phyllis and Ken wanted our company to be.

Phyllis was Ken’s wife, a loving mom, and she helped start Cincinnati Kitchens. She gave us so much more than just memories. Her laughter and happy spirit are a big part of our company, and you can feel it when we all sit down to eat together. This way of being close to each other also reaches out to everyone we work with. We believe in making kitchens where families will make happy memories, and to do that, we need to live by those same feelings.

Our customers can feel this family vibe too. We really listen to what they want for their homes. We pick materials that are not only pretty but also strong enough for family life. And we treat every project like it’s for our own home, giving it a special touch that you don’t find everywhere.

Phyllis’s way of caring went beyond just our family; she touched everyone involved with Cincinnati Kitchens. When we have lunch together, it’s like she’s still with us, in the food we enjoy and the talks we have.

Every day, Ken keeps Phyllis close to his heart, making sure she’s still a big part of our company. Phyllis beat breast cancer, but then she was taken from us by COVID-19, which was really hard. But her strong spirit lives on through her kids, their partners, and especially in her grandkids. They remind us of her happiness and keep her legacy going.

As we keep making spaces in Cincinnati, we remember Phyllis by keeping up the traditions she loved. We see her smile in her grandkids, her strength in her kids, and her love in Ken as he leads us. In everything we do, Phyllis is with us, part of Cincinnati Kitchens’ heart.

Remembering Phyllis: The Heart of Our Home

Every part of our company is filled with Phyllis’s dreams and love. Every day shows how much we care about bringing people together, making quality kitchens, and serving with our hearts. We want every family we help to have a kitchen where they can enjoy life together.

When we think about Phyllis, we feel her guiding us, making our path clear. Her kindness and family values are a big part of our company, thanks to Ken’s leadership. Whether we’re sharing a meal, laughing together, or working hard for our customers, Phyllis is with us.

As we make kitchens that are the center of your home, we keep Phyllis’s legacy alive—a legacy of love and memories that you can see and feel in the spaces we create. She inspires us every day, reminding us that Cincinnati Kitchens is more than just a business. We’re a family, brought together by a wonderful woman whose spirit is always with us.

Come to Cincinnati Kitchens, where family is at the heart of every design, and Phyllis’s spirit keeps making our homes full of warmth, happiness, and being together.

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